Canada Dental Benefit

Making Dental Care Affordable For Children Under 12

There’s good news for Canadian parents. The Government of Canada has announced that it’s following through on its promise for a Canada Dental Benefit.*

This initiative means that children ages 2-12 from lower-income families who don’t have insurance benefits will now be able to access dental care for free. The interim benefit allows $650 per year in dental services for children in families with a combined income under $70,000. Families with combined incomes of $70,000-79,000 are eligible for $390 per child yearly, while those earning $80,000-89,000 will receive $260 per child.

You may be required to prove age eligibility and family income, and should retain your receipts for dental care to provide upon request. Once this new legislation passes through Parliament, families will be able to apply to the Canada Revenue Agency directly to receive the benefit.

Having your child’s teeth checked and cleaned regularly is essential to prevent tooth decay, infections, and oral diseases. Catching problems early also helps to avoid bigger issues down the road.

If childhood problems aren’t treated, they can cause more than just tooth decay. Chewing difficulties and even speech problems sometimes result from dental issues. Make sure that you take your child to see a dentist within six months of the eruption of their first teeth, and regularly after age three.

At Smiles on 34th, we always welcome children and are committed to ensuring a positive dental experience. We’re a full-service family-friendly dental clinic conveniently located in Edmonton.

New funding for childhood dental care will make our services more affordable for families and protect the health of children’s smiles. It’s anticipated that the program will also be extended in the near future to seniors as well as people under 18 or with disabilities.

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*Pending changes from the federal government.

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